strength-training-300x198I have been practicing “super slow training” for almost 2 1/2 years now and all I can tell you is that it has been the most effective type of weight training I have ever done. Not only has it made significant changes in my overall body fitness and health but it has also allowed me to have more free time for myself as the workout only takes 1/2hr from my already hectic week. Yes, that is all the weight training I do! I was introduced to “super slow training” by a cycling peer and now my good friend and coach, Mr. Gary Anger. And please don’t let his last name scare you as it scared me when I first met him! He is actually one of the sweetest guys you can ever meet:-). Since then, he hasn’t only coached me to be stronger, both physically and mentally, but he also continues to inspire me to believe in myself, be better and surpass all my mental limits. Since weight training plays a significant role in my life (especially now that I am in my wonderful 40’s!) I will continue sharing with you, via my future posts and blog, my journey and experience with super slow training and its benefits. You can always find Gary at the Gold’s Gym in Altamonte Springs, FL.  Not only is he an expert in the weight training area but his passion, love and dedication for what he does is what will amaze you the most just like it continues to amaze me week after week. You can visit the link below to learn more about super slow weight training and remember that your body can do amazing things as long as you believe it can:-) May your day continue being filled with lots of love, peace and harmony. Love, Ms. Jeannie.