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 These pictures were actually the very first ones I got for my blog.  They were taken by my 18 year old daughter near my parents home.  I was so excited and at the same time a little bit nervous and skeptical about pursuing “the blogging dream” .  Not because of lack of desire or passion but because I was still working on conquering the self created fears, and the obstacles and insecurities imposed by my very own mind.   I can still remember her telling me; “mom!,  come on! you can do it!”, and from there…  here I am:-).  I have had this particular skirt for a while.  I got it from an online store and the minute I saw it I fell in love with it.  I love wearing skirts very much.  In my opinion they embrace women femininity and romantic side. This maxi green one in particular makes me just want to fly the “Titanic” way….

The outfits I put together are for your inspiration and you may be able to find similar pieces in your closet to achieve the look.   However, to provide you with more options, I have included below the links to the same or similar pieces in case you are interested.

Top: (old) similar/similar/similar, Skirt: (old) similar/similar/similar, Bag: Ebay!, Belt: old (no longer available) similar, similar, similar, Shoes: BCBG (no longer available) similar/similar/similar