The black pencil skirt

Loving so much this black pencil skirt.  On an earlier post I talked about the versatility of this essential piece.  When I say essential, the message I am trying to convey is that you will not regret or do wrong investing in a properly fitted black pencil skirt.   You will be amazed by the many styling possibilities you will discover.  Not only is it a versatile piece but it is also very elegant and feminine.  I can guarantee you that, no matter your body type,  you will rock the look and feel like a super star.  Like I mentioned before make sure the pencil skirt fits you properly and if you feel it doesn’t, you will not regret taking it to a good tailor so that you can get the hip-hugging fit that we all love.  Hope you all like the board I put together.  I wanted to create an outfit that was a little trendy yet elegant enough for attending a dinner party or a casual business meeting.  Enjoy it! Love, Ms. Jeannie:-)