Polka dots continue popping up season after season. The print is fun and can add a girly “vibe” to any outfit (not that guys can’t wear polka dots too!). The dots come in all sizes, however the smaller the dot, the more options you have to mix and match with other different patterns. A polka dot blouse, like the one I am wearing below could make a wonderful addition to your closet. Because of its relaxed-fit cut, it can suit any body type and the styling possibilities are endless. You can pair it with any colored skinny jeans that you may own (red, yellow, blue, green pink, etc.) and wear it loose, just like I did to achieve a more fun and vibrant casual look. Or, you can tuck it inside a skirt (full or pencil) to obtain a more elegant and feminine feel. Adding a necklace and pair of cute heels is like the icing on the cake. It adds to the outfit the final touch and look that tells everyone: I am ready to just roll!!!  FYI, everything I am wearing below is a couple years old but you can find similar pieces practically anywhere you may shop. The bubble necklace I got from Amazon at a very reasonable price. Below is a link in case you may be interested. Hope you enjoy my post as much as I did putting together this simple but fun look:-)  Love and blessings to you all my friends. Sincerely, Ms. Jeannie.

The outfits I put together are for your inspiration and you may be able to find similar pieces in your closet to achieve the look.   However, to provide you with more options, I have included below the links to the same or similar pieces in case you are interested.


Polka dots top: Forever 21 (no longer available)similar/similar/similar, Jeans: old, similar/similar/similar, Shoes: Steve Madden(here) similar, Bag: Michael Kors (old) similar, Necklace: Amazon (here), Sunglasses: Express, (here)