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The black pencil skirt…

The black pencil skirt

Loving so much this black pencil skirt.  On an earlier post I talked about the versatility of this essential piece.  When I say essential, the message I am trying to convey is that you will not regret or do wrong investing in a properly fitted black pencil skirt.   You will be amazed by the many styling possibilities you will discover.  Not only is it a versatile piece but it is also very elegant and feminine.  I can guarantee you that, no matter your body type,  you will rock the look and feel like a super star.  Like I mentioned before make sure the pencil skirt fits you properly and if you feel it doesn’t, you will not regret taking it to a good tailor so that you can get the hip-hugging fit that we all love.  Hope you all like the board I put together.  I wanted to create an outfit that was a little trendy yet elegant enough for attending a dinner party or a casual business meeting.  Enjoy it! Love, Ms. Jeannie:-)

Reinventing the look #1: The party-goer…

DSC_7446E DSC_7564E DSC_7581E DSC_7494E

Hello friends! Today is the last day of my Reinventing the Look challenge. As many of you are aware, I started this challenge last Sunday and so far I have created four different outfits using the same black lace top (I am sure the black lace top is ready for a long break in my closet:-)). I wanted to show you all the possibilities that one single statement piece can give you so that you go ahead, get inspired and do the same. Not only would you end up with a more versatile wardrobe but you will enjoy getting creative and also will end up having lots of fun. For today’s fifth and last outfit, I paired the black lace top with a pair of high-waisted dress shorts. I wanted to create a look that was cool and fun yet sophisticated enough for an evening outing with the girls or a date with your loved one. I named this look “The Party Goer”. To add a touch of sass, I added a solid gold belt and a pair of strappy high heels. The bright pink clutch adds the right amount of color so that you don’t go unnoticed. I hope you all enjoyed this challenge as much as I did trying to come up with all the different looks. It was actually fun and very exciting. Sometimes you don’t realize all your possibilities until you give it a try:-) This applies to everything else in life, not only clothing. Have a blessed night my friends. As always, my love and blessings to you all. Ms. Jeannie.

The outfits I put together are for your inspiration and you may be able to find similar pieces in your closet to achieve the look.   However, to provide you with more options, I have included below the links to the same or similar pieces in case you are interested.

Top: old, similar/similar, Shorts: Zara (old), similar/similar, Belt: old, similar, Shoes: Luxe (here), similar, Bag: Just Fab (here), Cuff: old, similar /similar