Today, is a Bohemian day for me.  Not only have I always been drawn by the easy going and free spirited feel of the boho style but I will admit that in a very special way, I do have appreciation for the bohemian cultural mindset and  lifestyle.  Even though their expression of freedom was a little radical at times, the message bohemians tried to get across was very clear and simple;  be and express who you really are and don’t let others tell you how to live your life.   If you take away the radical aspect of the concept and apply to your daily life the essence of the message  they wanted to convey, you will soon find out that it actually makes a lot of sense.  Just think about it for a second  and you will see:-)  So, to celebrate the “no-worries” attitude that bohemians lived by and that in my opinion, could save us from a lot of unnecessary stress and many body and mind imbalances l chose to create a “modified” version of the relaxed and cool boho look.  In order to keep the experience stress-free and easy, I chose to work with pieces I already owned so no shopping was required.  And why a modified boho look?   Because to enhance the boho style of the dress I used a cowboy hat instead of the typical “floppy”.  To accentuate the waist and pull off the free-spirited feel I wanted to attain, I added a wide leather belt and a multi-layered long necklace I bought many years ago.  The open-toed gladiator style booties are the “in-between”, American Old West and the Boho Chic Era.  The roomy and easy going bag gives you the comfort and convenience to take with you anything needed and go anywhere.  So dear friends, let the free spirited energy of self love and appreciation take its course, allowing us to live a life free of fear, self doubt and worries.  Have a blessed weekend. Love, Ms. Jeannie:-)

and remember…

To always do what makes you happy, not what others think is right for you or will make you happy; happiness is a personal matter.  The knowing of what is best for us comes from within ourselves, not from an outside source or others.

Siempre haz lo que te haga feliz a ti, no lo que otros digan o piensen que es mejor para ti; la felicidad es un asunto personal.  El conocimiento de saber que es lo que mas nos conviene viene de nuestro interior, no de afuera o de nadie.

The outfits I put together are for your inspiration and you may be able to find similar pieces in your closet to achieve the look.   However, to provide you with more options, I have included below the links to the same or similar pieces in case you are interested.

Dress: Old, similar /similar, Hat: Akubra (old) similar, Shoes: old, similar/similar, Necklace: Ralph Lauren (old), similar /similar, Bag: Target (no longer available) similar, Sunglasses: Ray Ban (here)