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How to empower our children…

Tell our childrenENGLISH/ESPAÑOL

This is something I have been telling my daughters since they were very young.  I have always believed that just like kids can learn multiple languages at a very young age, they are also more susceptible to believe what they  are told and also adopt human behaviors from the people around them.  It is also during that early age when they start developing their very own self confidence and self esteem.  Telling them often how amazing and magnificent they are will certainly plant the seed in their hearts that will drive them to flourish into loving and confident human beings.  Our attitude toward others and life in general  also has a big impact in their early emotional development as well.  Embracing and accepting others no matter where they come from, what they do or how they look like will inspire them to do the same and also promote their very own self love and acceptance.

untitledIf you have young children I strongly recommend for them a book called the Incredible You from Dr. Wayne Dyer.  It is short but very sweet and I am pretty sure they will enjoy as much as my daughters did.



A nuestros niños

Así les he dicho a mis hijas desde que eran muy pequeñas. Siempre he creído que de la misma manera en que los niños pueden aprender varios idiomas cuando son pequeños, también se les puede influir con lo que se les dice y el comportamiento de las personas que los rodean. Ellos comienzan a desarrollar la confianza en sí mismos y la autoestima desde que son muy pequeñitos. Decirles cuan sorprendentes y hermosos son plantará la semilla en su corazón que los guiará a crecer y desarrollarse como seres humanos amorosos y seguros. Nuestra actitud con los demás y con la vida en general también tiene un gran impacto en su desarrollo emocional. Amar y aceptar a los demás sin importar de dónde vienen, qué hacen ni cómo son los inspirará a imitarnos e incrementar el amor a sí mismos y la aceptación.

51-+NIk3rvLSi tienes niños pequeños fuertemente recomiendo para ellos un librito llamado Eres Increible del autor Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Es bien cortito pero muy dulce y estoy muy segura de que ellos lo van a disfrutar tanto como mis niñas lo disfrutaron.



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Unconditional self love…


I recently found this quote from one of my favorite teachers of all time, Ms. Anita Moorjani (author of  the book Dying to To Be Me), and wanted to share with you all. Growing up I was taught that I needed to love others more than I loved myself. That the more I sacrificed or did for others the better human being I was. Believing and practicing such teachings inspired me to be kinder and very giving to others which in every human’s eyes, including mine, was the right way to live. However, not loving myself enough because of the belief that by loving myself too much would make me “selfish” or “egocentric” drove me to lose contact with who I really was. It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized that WE ARE LOVE and by not embracing such truth, or better say, not loving ourselves enough, we are denying who we really are. And you can’t give what you don’t have therefore, it makes it challenging if not impossible for others to love you back. So LOVE yourself unconditionally and inspire others to follow the same path. Not only would this world be full of loving and caring people but also there will be more appreciation, respect and value for everyone and all that exists. Hope you all enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it:-) Love and blessings, Ms. Jeannie.