WonderfulGood morning friends! Just wanted to share with you this quote from the one and only Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I have read many of his books and I am a huge fan of his work and teachings.  Always believing that something wonderful is about to happen is something I try to practice on a daily basis, especially when things are not going the way I want. Doing this fills me with peace and at the same time excitement, which in turn ignites the strength and power that is already in me.  It gives me the energy to continue moving forward, even through my most challenging times. We always go through ups and downs.  It is part of this experience we call life.  If everything was perfect then there wouldn’t be opportunities for personal growth or simply be better.  I have personally been through many challenging experiences in my life, one in particular being extremely hard and painful.  This experience was specifically related to my very own daughter’s health, life and wellbeing. I still remember going through it and telling myself: “There is no way you will be be able to survive this!” I felt defeated both, physically and emotionally.    Even through those difficult moments where at times the emotional pain became stronger than my own desire to live I found, within myself, the strength to look above and beyond everything that was going on and chose to believe that something wonderful was about to happen.  It became my mantra and part of my daily prayers.  Now, a couple years later, it still remains part of  my daily thoughts and practices; however, I later learned that when you say it, either in your mind or out loud, you have to add the emotion that comes with the knowing that what you want is already in your life.  Love and blessings to you all.  Sincerely, Ms. Jeannie:-)