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Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to reflect and talk to you, my beautiful friends, about a quote I came across the other day while browsing through one of my favorite inspirational blogs.  Not only did I find it very inspiring but it also reminded me what living is truly all about.


To live is to experience new things, take risks and also make mistakes – It is how we grow and move forward in life.  Wanting to feel safe is a very normal necessity of the human mind that can create a lot fear within us.  We fear making the wrong choices, suffering, being judged and hurting others.  It is the main reason why we sometimes get stuck in situations we don’t want to be in and don’t get to experience better places in life.  Doesn’t it sound familiar to you?

I will admit that I have made many wrong choices in my life but I am very thankful for the lessons I have learned and the experiences I have gained from each one of them – Yes, I have gone through many challenging situations, hurt myself on occasions or unintentionally hurt others but when I look back and see how far I have come and the way life has manifested for me makes me realize that not only have I always been in the right path but that it was all meant to be.

Live is a precious gift and we must live it to the fullest – It is very important to know that making mistakes is part of our living experience as humans and that sometimes it takes making  the “wrong choices” for life to bring us the opportunities and wonderful moments we all deserve:-)  Have a blessed life!

Living is about

¡Felíz Viernes a todos!  Hoy quiero refleccionar y hablarles a ustedes, mis queridos amigos, acerca de una cita que encontré el otro día mientras navegaba a través de unos de mis blogs de inspiración favoritos.  No solo la encontré super inspiradora pero también me recordó lo que vivir realmente es.


 El vivir es experimentar cosas nuevas, tomar riesgos y también cometer errors – Es cómo crecemos y avanzamos en la vida.  El querer sentirnos seguros es una necesidad muy normal de la mente humana pero también nos puede crear mucho miedo dentro de nosotros mismos. Tememos tomar decisiones equivocadas, sufrir, ser juzgados y herir a los demás.  Es la razón principal por la cual a veces nos quedamos estancados en situaciones que no queremos estar y no logramos experimentar mejores lugares en la vida.  ¿No les suena familiar?

Voy a admitir que he tomoda muchas decisiones equivocadas en mi vida pero estoy muy agradecidida por las lecciones que he aprendido y la experiencia que he adquirido de cada una de ellas – Sí, he pasado por muchas situaciones difíciles, en ocaciones me he herido a mi misma o involuntariamente herido a otros pero cuando miro hacia atrás y veo lo lejos que he logrado llegar y de la manera que la vida se me ha manifestado me doy cuenta de que no solo siempre he estado en el camino correcto pero de que todo estaba destinado a ser.

La vida es un regalo precioso y hay que vivirla al máximo – Es muy importante saber que el cometer errores es parte de nuestra experiencia de vida como seres humanos y que a veces se necesita tomar las decisiones equivocadas para que la vida nos traiga las oportunidades y momentos maravillosos que todos nos merecemos:-)  ¡Que tengan una  vida llena de muchas bendiciones!

El vivir se trata

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Following our passions…


This quote came from the bottom of my heart and was inspired by my own personal experience.  The message is intended to convey has impacted my life tremendously and is one of the reasons why I decided to blog.  I sincerely hope that it plants the seed in your hearts that will inspire you to pursue what you were intended to do in this journey we all call life. Sometimes "challenges" trigger our minds to create "blocks" or "walls" that  don't allow  us or better say, make it harder for us to figure out what our passions are but believe me, the answers are within us.  Just let go of the doubts, fears and insecurities and let life guide you and take you there.  When you do this, the right people and opportunities will start showing up and doors will be begin to open, one after the other.  In this blog, I will share with you my own personal self growth journey, the ups and downs, what worked and didn't work for me and last but not least the most realistic ways to practice and follow the messages and teachings life masters are trying to convey to us.  Learning and growing never stops, it is constant and ongoing so lets do it together.  Break through with me dear  friends and lets follow our dreams!   Love, Ms. Jeannie:-)