medi3I still remember the day that I first became aware of the space in between my thoughts and emotions. It felt like, if all of a sudden I got disconnected from everything else around me. I will admit that at first, it felt different and very uncomfortable, at least in my mind it did. I was so used to living life always thinking, looking outwards and suddenly everything around me just stopped moving. I began experiencing life as an observer rather than being in it myself. It took me a while to learn and realize that what I had just experienced was the beginning of a new chapter in my life; the beginning of a true relationship with myself, with life, with GOD. Like I said, it wasn’t a comfortable feeling at first but once I realized the truth and let go of the uneasiness the experience gave me, it felt like I had finally just found “home”. I then decided to continue practicing and embracing this “self awareness” experience through meditation and by just being alone and still. And when life gets challenging and busy and I fall back to my old unconscious self, which happens quite often:-), I remind myself to slow down, relax and re-connect with “that space”; the place where I find peace, regain balance and become one with all that is, the place where I find true love. I really hope you all enjoy this post as the inspiration came from a very personal and intimate place in my heart:-). Have a wonderful week my friends! Blessings to you all, Ms. Jeannie:-)