maxi dress

The white and blue maxi dress…

The beach get away


This board reflects an outfit I had in mind for going to a beach getaway with friends this summer. The blue and white navy dress is the platform of the entire look. It possesses the nautical vibe that tells everyone you are ready to sail. The yellow hat and the sunglasses will protect you from the sun and will just make you look like a superstar. The bag is chic, classy and roomy enough to carry all the magazines you may want to bring. The sandals are simply girly and cute, I really like them very much.  And last but not least is the bathing suit, the most important piece of the look of course!!!  It is bright and bold and the orange color will make you look tanner and trust me, you will be good to go:-).  Have a blessed night my friends, Ms. Jeannie.

And remember…

Life is too short to be worrying about little things.  Always look at the “big picture” and you will soon realize that they weren’t worth it.


The floppy hat…


Floppy hats are not only for the beach or to protect you from the sun. They can add sophistication and elegance to any outfit you may choose to wear. They are usually seen complementing bohemian, casual or “street chic” styles but in my personal opinion a floppy hat can be worn with any outfit or attire of your preference. If you want to showcase a more elegant and classic look you will need to keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum and let “the floppy” do its job. Floppy hats can be found anywhere, from Target to Nordstrom to meet anyone’s budget needs. I have personally acquired a couple, not only to protect me from the sun but just because I have fallen in love with this look:-) Hope you all like it! My love and blessings to you all, Ms. Jeannie.

The outfits I put together are for your inspiration and you may be able to find similar pieces in your closet to achieve the look.   However, to provide you with more options, I have included below the links to the same or similar pieces in case you are interested.

Dress: French Connection (old) similar, similar, similar, Hat: Old (no longer available) similar, Shoes: Just Fab, Bag: Old, similar, similar