I began taking spirulina back in 2008. I came across an article that talked about the benefits of this amazing “super food” so I decided to give it a try and I am so thankful I did. I can honestly tell you that up to this date, I haven’t had a cold or experienced any other related health issues, not even after spending many weeks in hospitals taking care of my youngest daughter. Of course, I can’t say that taking spirulina has been the only reason why I haven’t gotten sick but, I do believe that it has been a contributor to my overall well being. The more I learn about this blue green algae, the more amazed I become by its health benefits. Always wishing you the best dear friends:-)  Love, Ms. Jeannie.

Benefits of Spirulina

Source: www.Superfoodsforlife.com

Author: Joshua Steinberg

Spirulina is 60-70% protein and 83 - 95% digestible Spirulina is an excellent source of protein for people trying to eliminate meat from their diet.

All 10 DIetary-Essential Amino Acids - 20 amino acids total, in synergistic balance Spirulina is Great for those exercising and trying to gain muscle mass.

B-I2 - Spirulina is good source of vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 provides energy and is essential for normal growth and neurological function. Many vegetarian lack vitamin B-12 in their diet

Beta-Carotene and Mixed Carotenoids.. Exceptionally high natural concentrations. The caroteniods in Spirulina helps to build your immune system nutritionally.

Full-Spectrum Antioxidants from phyto-nutrients, pigments, and natural vitamins.

Phycocyanin - High concentration of this powerful, blue, immune-stimulating biliprotein.

GLA - highest natural form next to mother's milk - glandular- balancing, anti-inflammatory.

Rhamnose Rare, biologically-active sugar, speeds nutrients across the blood-brain barrier, and to the cell.

Glycogen --The only vegetable source for this ready-made glucose in stored-energy form.

EFA's - The much-needed Omega 3- and 6- Essential Fatty Acids.

Chlorophyll - deep-green blood-builder, directly harnesses sunlight. Spirulina helps cleanse the body of toxins.

A Full - Spectrum of Vitamins - More than any other single food, in balanced concentrations.

Ocean Source Minerals & Abundant Trace Elements - from the deep clean ocean over 90 minerals in all.

The building blocks for over 2,000 enzymes with 2-3 times the energy of any other 'live food'.

SOD Exceptionally high levels of the antioxidant enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase.

High levels of Mucopolysaccharides in the soft cell wall materials for glycoprotein complexes.

Spirulina is free of cholesterol & starch, very low in sodium and calories, a high-energy food.

Spirulina, meaning 'little spiral,' is a microscopic, spiral shaped, plankton blue green algae that appeared on the planet over 3.6 billion years ago. A simple hydrocarbon vegetable, it is made directly from photosynthesis - the pure interaction of sunlight and water. Spirulina is the most concentrated form of any known organic food. Full of nutritional wonders, it has a rich history and holds unlimited potential for the future.

To learn more about the benefits of taking Spirulina please visit www.superfoodsforlife.com.  In enjoy reading their posts very much:-)